The crazy, touching, beautiful week of 19 – 25th March

No more mattress lying in the center of my little tiny Norwegian room. No more cosmetics, in a much greater amount than needed for one weeks’ trip, piling up on my only desk. No more Russian cigarettes on the balcony, stored in a cup serving as ashtray. No more “Adzia, my hair looks shity today” as the best morning alarm clock ever. Volda is rainy, I have a runny nose. She is not here. We are both crying out of the unbearable emptiness.

It has been a crazy week. In fact, mad is the better word to describe it. Started on Friday and finished at exactly 7:55 on the Thursday morning. Nothing was planned before. I had too much stuff going on at the university that I didn’t manage to make any arrangements. But… as things turned out – the best plan is not to have any plan. I think, I cannot exactly recall what have we been doing during every day, cause each of them was so intensive that after Saturday everything became a one big surreal adventure. In general, our days were filled with five basic activities: partying, sleeping, eating and taking selfies. We have been to Kitchen Party, Oscar Party, Room Party, Wine Party, Movie Night Party, Weed Party etc. We have changed our sleeping routine, switched to night shifts – going to bed at 7 a.m. and getting up at 14 p.m. We have tried definitely too many different cuisines this week. French rarities, self-made sushi, Marias’ pizza, salmon tortillas, after-hangover pancakes, rainy grill just a few to mention. We have visited the beach (yes, there is one in Volda) and made the funniest videos ever, pretending to be sitting at the pier in the Bahamas. Made things too weird and awesome, at the same time, to be able to write about. And selfies… How many of them have we taken? This goes definitely beyond my mathematical abilities. We have drunk some amount of alcohol (kiwi wine+whisky+beer) that you can’t even call normal, but unexpectedly had a nice, pleasant taste. Hmmm… the magic of Volda!

Warm hugs to Magdalena for coming to me and enormous kisses to all people who made this week as crazy as possible. Let us all be proud of ourselves!
– A. from peaceful Volda


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